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Hey, Wait A Minute. Six?

Gigabyte's Core i5 Contenders: P55-UD4P And P55-UD6
Hey, Wait A Minute. Six?

Now this is truly odd. We're used to seeing six memory slots on X58-based motherboards due to the triple-channel memory architecture. However, Core i5 only employs two channels, so six slots is a bit more obscure. 

At the end of the day, these are really just to improve the board's expansion prospects, as it supports up to 16 GB of memory regardless of whether you're using the six-slot P55-UD6 or the four-slot P55-UD4P. Gigabyte is claiming that it'll support memory speeds beyond 2,000 MT/s, despite the fact that our early Asus board topped out at DDR3-1333 transfer rates.

Also visible in this picture is the power button, which remains conveniently-located, even when the board is mounted inside a chassis.

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