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Rear-Panel I/O

Asus P7P55 WS Supercomputer P55 Motherboard Preview
Rear-Panel I/O

If the board looks a bit flexed, that's because it is. But bear in mind that this is a pre-production sample, and once you get it onto a motherboard tray, it sits flat.

The P7P55 WS Supercomputer's rear I/O panel reflects fairly standard connectivity. You'll find a pair of PS/2 ports, eight USB 2.0 ports, twin Gigabit Ethernet jacks, optical/coaxial digital audio output, and six 1/8" mini-jacks for analog audio I/O.

It's also worth noting that Asus bundles what it calls a G.P. Diagnosis card, which plugs into the P7P55 WS' TPM header and provides a two-digit LED readout, plus power and reset buttons.

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