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MSI's Dual-Screen Netbook

In Pictures: The Most Promising Tech Of 2010
By , Jane McEntegart, Kevin Parrish, Marcus Yam, Tuan Nguyen
MSI's Dual-Screen Netbook

Here's another prototype at CES 2010 that looked good enough to eat. Appearing as an oversized Nintendo DS, MSI's 10" dual touch-screen netbook (or UMPC) comes packed with an Intel Atom Z Series processor (Z530) and Windows 7 Home Premium. Despite its clam shell appearance, both screens act as one, allowing the user to drag an item from one display to the other. When the netbook screens are positioned horizontally, the "bottom" screen can be used as a virtual QWERTY keyboard. Devin also reports that there's a 7" version as well and that both may have around 2 GB of DDR2 memory.

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