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MSI's Jellow With Sliding Screen, 3D

In Pictures: The Most Promising Tech Of 2010
By , Jane McEntegart, Kevin Parrish, Marcus Yam, Tuan Nguyen
MSI's Jellow With Sliding Screen, 3D

Although MSI's "Jellow" is still in concept stages, this all-in-one looks rather tasty with its super-futuristic transparent casing. Even more, this compact rig sports 3D technology and HD graphics, however MSI didn't reveal the goodies packed under the hood. Still, the display itself—which will slide up to allow users to store the wireless keyboard within the compact rig when not in use—features a 23.6" WLED Backlight Full HD screen, a native 1920 x 1080 resolution, and a double frame rate (120 Hz). Additionally, the wireless mouse can be used as a remote control and an IP-phone for online chatting.

Yes, we want it.

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