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LED-based Displays and HDTVs

In Pictures: The Most Promising Tech Of 2010
By , Jane McEntegart, Kevin Parrish, Marcus Yam, Tuan Nguyen
LED-based Displays and HDTVs

There's no doubt about it: LED-based LCDs are going to replace aging cathode LCD panels.

When LCD displays first came out, they were herald as the wave of the future. By today's standards however, even traditional LCD displays seem thick and bulky by comparison. LED displays grant you better picture contrast, faster response time, more uniformed color, thinner products, and greater power savings.

OLED and AMOLED displays are promising, but they're still too expensive. LED displays are actually cheaper to make than traditional panels on the same scale, but still cost a premium. Expect prices on LED displays and TVs to be slashed heavily this year.

Thin is in, baby.

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