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The Apple iPad

In Pictures: The Most Promising Tech Of 2010
By , Jane McEntegart, Kevin Parrish, Marcus Yam, Tuan Nguyen
The Apple iPad

Say what you will about the iPad and Apple, but we're willing to bet that Apple will shake up the industry with the iBook store as well as continuing to expand the reaches of its App Store.

Apple's already put a huge wrench into Amazon's Kindle operations. Major publishers are standing up against Amazon and it's fixed $9.99 ebook model, thanks in large part to Steve Jobs allowing publishers to price ebooks at whatever they want.

Those who complain about the iPad also need to take note that up until this point, no tablet computer has seen success. In fact, the majority of Tom's Hardware readers have never owned a tablet computer. Apple will be the first to change this on a large scale and is setting itself up as market-maker. Because of the hype and launch of the iPad, other manufacturers who have never made tablets are jumping on the bandwagon.

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