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GT200 As GeForce GTX 280, June 2008

Incredible High-Resolution Die Imagery Of Nvidia GPUs
By , Marcus Yam
GT200 As GeForce GTX 280, June 2008

GeForce GTX 200-series.

Currently Nvidia's top offering. The GPUs based on the GT200 GPU rules the roost for Nvidia cards, that is, until Fermi (GF100) arrives.

Cards based on the GT200 and its variants series are GeForce 2XX series ranging from the GeForce 210 all the way up to the GeForce GTX 295, which sports two GPUs on one board.

  * 240 CUDA Cores
  * 1GB of memory
  * 512-bits Memory Interface Width
  * 602 MHz Graphics Clock
  * 1,296 MHz Processor Clock
  * 1,107 MHz Memory Clock
  * Texture Fill Rate 48.2 Gigatexel/s
  * Memory Bandwidth (GB/s) 141.7

While we're missing a few GPU variants from Nvidia, we were only given these photos, but as more trickle in, we'll update the article!

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