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Sputter Machines Up Close

Inside Western Digital: How Tomorrow's Storage Gets Made
Sputter Machines Up Close

Here’s a better look (left) at the sputter system loading tube and the narrow walkway between the machines and the loading clean room. On the right is a cool (if incomprehensible to the layman) look at the back of one of the sputtering machines. Above this sits a panel containing two LED readouts. We would have offered you a closer view, but apparently the values within the readout are proprietary, as are the settings on the dials. Everything about how these systems are set, including their position on the floor, which determines the order of progression through the sputtering process, is considered a competitive secret. Still, the WD suits weren’t overly worried about our cameras since the configuration of this system changes on a semi-constant basis. Whatever we saw during the photo shoot is now long gone. In fact, it probably changed within two weeks.

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