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One Shower You Don’t Want

Inside Western Digital: How Tomorrow's Storage Gets Made
One Shower You Don’t Want

These showers may be co-ed, but they’re definitely no fun. Emergency showers show up throughout the wafer fab cleanroom. Wherever there are wet chemical processes, such as electroplating, wet etching, chemical-mechanical planarization, and so forth, emergency showers must be within range. Despite the fact that cleanroom suits may hold contaminants in, they don’t keep liquids out. A splash of ammonium hydroxide (or much worse) to the eyes can do serious damage. Electroplating tools, for example, use a lot of acid. While the employee is getting doused in the shower, co-workers will call for an Emergency Response Team. The odd thing is that while I see drainage for the eye wash bowl, and that shower curtain pulls in a circle around the overhead shower head, I don’t seen any drainage on the floor. Let’s hope those computer cords on the floor nearby are waterproof.

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