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Get a Replacement Drive

Do It Yourself: Upgrade A Notebook's Hard Drive
Get a Replacement Drive

Toshiba’s 640GB 2.5” drive, the MK6465GSX, offers plenty of storage and solid efficiency. Other vendors have similar products. The drive on the right is a Toshiba HG2 flash SSD drive, which is only sold to OEM customers.

We wanted to replace our existing hard drive with a higher-capacity model, so we grabbed the MK6465GSX, which, as mentioned, serves up 640GB. Other drive vendors, such as Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate, and WD, have equivalent products.

You could certainly install a flash SSD instead of a conventional hard drive. So far, all flash SSDs have also been based on the same SATA 3Gb/s interface, but pay attention to the operating system, too. Since SSDs organize data differently than hard drives, it makes a lot of sense to upgrade your hard drive and your operating system at the same time. Windows versions older than 7 do not support the TRIM feature, which reorganizes data intelligently on the drive and reduces the amount of write processes. SSD writes typically trigger a time-consuming read-modify-write cycle whereas reads only involve a quick, single step. Finally, be sure you switch off drive defragmentation for flash SSDs. If you opt for a mechanical hard drive, that advice does not apply.

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