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The Dalek

Part 1: 20 Crazy And Unique Case Mods
The Dalek

Created by John Machin, this PC case mod is based on Doctor Who's arch nemesis, the Daleks.

"It was not meant to be a high-spec running machine, as I was only going to run Opensuse Linux on it anyway but I have tried XP and Windows 7 on it and both run smoothly," he told us. "The hardware I used was an MSI K8MM3-V 64-bit motherboard, AMD's Sempron 3300+ 2.00 GHz CPU, 512 MB of DDR memory, a 550-watt black Magna power supply, a Seagate ST380011A80 GB IDE hard drive, a 256 MB Nvidia GeForce FX 5600XT graphics card, and a Lian motherboard tray to attach the motherboard.

"At the end, the Dalek project took about three months to do in the spare time I had. I was pleased with the end result, and I hope it encourages others to do a PC case project as well. Will I be doing another PC case? Most probably once the summer is over in 2010...if we get one that is. I have seen a full-size Dalek called Dalek Storm made by Alan Clarke, which is very impressive, so I may make one like that."

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