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Gaming Shareware

20 Companies And Products We Remember Fondly
Gaming Shareware

To be honest, shareware is a retired business model that really needs to make a return. Oh sure, you'll find forms of shareware and freeware still available on the Internet. However there was something special about gaming shareware that brought popular PC franchises to the masses. Titles like Doom, Wolfenstein, Heretic, Rise of the Triad, and even Duke Nukem 3D all used the shareware model, providing gamers one of many episodes that, in itself, contained numerous levels.

Looking back, the shareware model probably wouldn't work with games today, as production costs have soared through the roof compared to the early '90s. Still, we have fond memories of the old-school shareware model: download a game, install it, and play it over and over again without spending a dime.

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