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The Grenade

20 Mice That Shock And Awe (But Mostly Shock)
The Grenade

Here's a mouse modification that uses a bottle in the shape of a grenade as the outer hull. Discovered on a Russian modding forum, the details surrounding this unique design weren't provided. However, it seems that the left and right mouse buttons are wired up to the trigger. The mouse has a resolution of 800 DPI and very well could be wireless.

"Inventor Spaniard once sat in front of a computer and fiddled with a bottle in the form of grenades," reads the translated forum post. "And here he was visited by inspiration: why not make the mouse in the form of half grenades? He armed himself with paint, scissors, and conceived it was done." (Ed.: worst translation ever?)

As many users pointed out, the overall design isn't ergonomically friendly. It clearly isn't meant for PC gaming, but it does look cool. There's also no indication of what would happen if you were to pull the pin.

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