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The Bug: Steampunk Computer Mouse

20 Mice That Shock And Awe (But Mostly Shock)
The Bug: Steampunk Computer Mouse

This mouse just leaves us speechless. Obviously The Bug (steampunk computer mouse) is not the ideal device for gaming. At least, its appearance leads us to believe that frequent play might cause sore palms and fingers. Nevertheless, it's extremely fascinating on a design level. A mix-match of various gears, solid brass knobs, and keys come together to create something unique.

"The circuit board (and presumably the human eye) are hidden under this brass-plated-steel corner piece from a steamer trunk," the modder writes. "A random cog fills in the gap in back and allows some of the mouse’s LED lights to glow through." The modder adds that the PCB is uniformly painted a gun metal gray to make the visible parts blend into the overall steampunk theme.

To make the left and right buttons, the modder used two hinge pieces from a toilet seat mounting kit. The scroll wheel is made from an alarm clock's escapement wheel and a small brass knob. Ultimately, the device weighs around 10 to 15 oz., which makes the device pleasantly heavier than the typical plastic mouse.

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