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Ugly Hand

20 Mice That Shock And Awe (But Mostly Shock)
Ugly Hand

What is this thing? A partial hand? A detached set of teeth growing a pair of thumbs? Whatever it is, it's not pretty. In fact, this ugly mouse is pretty much the anti-Choco Mouse, keeping females a fair distance from your desk, guaranteed.

While its origin is unknown, the device sports a lighter shade of skin complete with a tattoo, veins, and hair. The nails are eerily realistic. Someone needs to either file or clip those nails pronto, as they will likely cut someone or trigger a gag reflex at your next fragfest.

Turn the mouse over and you'll find the optical laser...mounted within a gaping mouth. The modder took extra care to model a real set of teeth and lips, adding a but of tasty tooth decay under the laser's mount. The USB cable exiting this creepy mound of flesh even looks like a pair of drainage tubes.

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