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The Minty Mouse

20 Mice That Shock And Awe (But Mostly Shock)
The Minty Mouse

This is another mouse that came into existence simply because it could be done. According to the modder, the Minty Altoids Mouse's overall construction took around four hours to complete and is made out of an Altoids tin, a Logitech USB optical mouse, a Dremel tool, a mini-hack saw, two-part epoxy, and random plastic bits.

The mod actually looks rather simple, while the end result isn't something you'd want to use in Modern Warfare 2. At first glace, it appears that the mod only offers a protruding mouse wheel. However, upon further inspection of photos uploaded to Flickr, it looks as though he used the two-part epoxy to create makeshift button pads that touch the circuit board.

If anything, this project should inspire new and experienced modders to think beyond the standard mouse design.

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