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Minnie Mouse Optical Mouse

20 Mice That Shock And Awe (But Mostly Shock)
Minnie Mouse Optical Mouse

Disney fans can pick up this Minnie Mouse USB optical mouse over on eBay for $5.29. Whether it's actually Disney-sanctioned is unknown (Ed.: doubtful, Kevin), the device has a surprisingly high resolution of 1,200 DPI and uses advanced optical technology for more quick and accurate movements.

With the standard two-button mouse wheel setup, this peripheral might actually be decent for casual gaming. With that said, it might be best to leave Minnie at home when you're lugging your rig to the next LAN party. Then again, it might actually be funny to see the look on everyone's face when you walk in with Minnie Mouse in hand. Just bring a more powerful, sleeker backup (or your four year-old daughter).

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