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The Mouse Mouse

20 Mice That Shock And Awe (But Mostly Shock)
The Mouse Mouse

Want to freak your wife or significant other the heck out? Here's a downright shocking birthday or anniversary gift for her that will almost guaranteed land you in the dog house: a dead mouse turned into a fully functional desktop peripheral. Called the Mouse Mouse, this mod requires an actual dead rodent, knowledge of taxidermy, and a small, travel-sized hardware mouse.

Modders can purchase an expired rodent frozen or fresh at a local pet store (normally sold as reptile food), but those who want to create an optical version will need to purchase a pale-furred mouse for the lightest skin pigment.

Once the mouse has been acquired, the rest of the process consists of eight additional steps including, shaving and dissecting the corpse, shoving the hardware inside, pulling the USB cable thought its butt, and more yummy goodness.

Beyond the overall creep-factor of its preparation, can this zombie mouse handle Crysis? We're going to assume that's a big fat negative. In fact, this mouse might not survive one round of twitch-based gameplay. Yuck.

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