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In Pictures: 20 Of Our Favorite PC Game Mods

Short for C.H.A.O.S. Deathmatch, this mod's unique combination of custom maps and weapons brought a hint of fantasy to Quake 2's already awesome Deathmatch mode. Players could use crossbows, a broadsword, and even a chainsaw. Other unique weapons included the buzzsaw launcher that sent buzzsaw blades through the air and the proximity grenade launcher, with bombs that followed targets all across the map. Then-current Quake 2 weapons even received a face-lift or additional modes of fire. Outside of the weapons, ChaosDM brought unique items like jet packs, invisibility, a scanner that tracks opponents, an anti-gravity belt, and more.

The Chaos series eventually migrated over to Epic's Unreal Tournament and was even offered in the retail Game of The Year Edition. Further development of ChaosUT halted with the release of Unreal Tournament 2003, and sparked the beginning of a full-fledged sequel--built for the new Unreal Engine--called Chaos UT2: Evolution.

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