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GTA: San Andreas Gostown Paradise

In Pictures: 20 Of Our Favorite PC Game Mods
GTA: San Andreas Gostown Paradise

This mod is probably a no-brainer for anyone's "favorite mod" list. After all, it was probably one of the most talked-about for 2004's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (that didn't involve sex). Unfortunately, it was also upstaged by Patrick Wildenborg's notorious "Hot Coffee" patch that unleashed the legal fury on Take Two and Rockstar. Nevertheless, Gostown Paradise saw a complete transformation of the underlying game, adding highly-detailed textures for a much more updated look. Set out to be the "biggest and best GTA mod of all time," creator ParoXum did just that with this Total Conversion, providing an entirely new gaming world for San Andreas players.

The mod centered on a large island located somewhere within a tropical archipelagos. Planted on this island was a 700 meter-high mountain crowned with a thriving metropolis. The city itself consisted of various themes, ranging from industrial to the gang-ridden. Players were free to wander the island's exotic landscape, whether by traversing through its jungles or exploring misty tunnels. In addition to the new playable island, ParoXum also added a new HUD, improved sound effects, and a handful of new vehicles. The mod also provided an additional city--a converted version of Vice City--and multiplayer capabilities including deathmatch.

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