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Rocket Arena

In Pictures: 20 Of Our Favorite PC Game Mods
Rocket Arena

This was probably one of the best mods for the Quake, Half-Life, and Unreal Tournament series. Created by GameSpy's David "crt" Wright, the mod first appeared in the original Quake PC game back in 1997, just a year after it hit the market. Packed with new maps and skins, the multiplayer-only mode took deathmatch to the next level by focusing only on rocket launchers. It was here that the rocket jump was perfected, allowing players to soar to great heights while taking minimal damage by timing jumps and rocket firing just right. Rocket Arena also implemented the spectator mode, allowing players to watch the match in-game, either willingly or after they were fragged and tossed in the queue.

Rocket Arena featured four modes: Standard, Clan Arena, Red Rover, and Practice. In Standard, the server admin determined the number of teams--players either create a team or join an existing team. With a queue in place, two teams play the match until one is defeated. The losing team goes to the end of the line, while the winning team plays the next in line. In Clan Arena, only the Blue and Red teams exist, and players get to engage in battle continuously throughout each match. There are also Blue and Red teams in Red Rover, but when a player dies, he's spawned on the other team. As for the Practice mode, it was merely for learning maps, ditching the queue, and rendering players invulnerable and with unlimited ammo.

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