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They Hunger

In Pictures: 20 Of Our Favorite PC Game Mods
They Hunger

This horrifying single-player mod hit the scene back in 1999, created by Neil Manke and Black Widow Games as a modification of Valve's popular first-person shooter, Half-Life. In what would be echoed a decade later in Left 4 Dead and its sequel, They Hunger merged the zombie-survival-horror genre with the first-person perspective, creating an intense environment that outdid anything found in the Resident Evil series.

As the story went, the protagonist--a troubled, unnamed writer--finds himself up against a flood of zombies spewing forth from the earth. In what began as a country retreat to work on his latest novel, the trip turns into a freak accident when a lightning bolt strikes his car, causing it to crash into a lake. Armed with a recharging flashlight, his only escape from the bitter waters is through a drainage pipe that eventually leads him to a mortuary chapel. All the while, a strange atmospheric phenomenon is taking place in the skies above...

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