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GoldenEye: 007

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GoldenEye: 007

While rumors of GoldenEye: 007's return floated around for at least a month before E3, the game's big reveal was still a big shock nonetheless.

Originally developed by Rare, the game was a huge success for Nintendo and its Nintendo 64 console back in 1997. The game proved that first-person shooters are possible on a console using the conventional game pad, and the title became one of the best Nintendo games of all time.

Now Eurocom has taken the reigns of the franchise and has created an enhanced remake of the beloved classic. But rather than stay true to the movie and the source Nintendo 64 game, GoldenEye: 007 will use Daniel Craig's likeness and voice for James Bond.

According to Nintendo, the storyline and environment was also retooled to fit Craig's interpretation of the character. The new version will also incorporate features found in other modern shooters, such as online multiplayer support and destructible environments. David Arnold, the soundtrack composer of the last five Bond films, has signed on to create GoldenEye: 007's soundtrack.

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