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In Pictures: 20 Must-See Games And Components From E3 2010

2K Marin has somewhat rebooted the XCOM franchise by ripping out its strategic roots and firmly planting the series into first-person shooter territory. While that may disappoint some, the game shown at E3 2010 looked good, thrusting gamers into the stereotypical 1950s era, where white picket fences lined neighborhood streets and black-and-white monsters brought screams to young moviegoers.

Like Deus Ex, this game was shown behind closed doors. What's known is that FBI agent William Carter founded the XCOM group after discovering an alien artifact. Based in a giant facility disguised as an aircraft hangar, players use the XCOM headquarters as a possible central hub where they receive missions and determine how to carry them out.

"Your choices and efforts have a direct involvement in the creation of new tools and technology that will aid in your battle to save mankind," reads the product literature. "But make a bad decision, and the consequences will be felt most by those you have failed."

Supposedly no two experiences are the same, as the outcome is determined by player choices.

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