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Epic Mickey

In Pictures: 20 Must-See Games And Components From E3 2010
Epic Mickey

There is something "magical" about Warren Spector's artistic twist to our favorite mouse that we witnessed during the presentation. His world is littered with things that have come and gone in Disney's overall history, whether from the films, the cartoon shorts, or the theme parks. This virtual wasteland ruled by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was a brilliant idea representing the culmination of creativity spanning decades. It reminds gamers and consumers of magical, wholesome entertainment, now overshadowed by other modern cartoons.

What is really interesting about Epic Mickey is the way players can use paint and paint thinner to change the world, interact with friends and enemies, and solve specific challenges. Choices players make within the game will also change the story's outcome.

But don't let the game's overall appearance fool you. Epic Mickey is targeting gamers 13 to 34 years of age, with "hardcore" gamers as its secondary target. Needless to say, this isn't some Mickey-themed kiddy game.

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