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Killzone 3

In Pictures: 20 Must-See Games And Components From E3 2010
Killzone 3

Those who attended Sony's press conference at E3 got an early taste of Killzone 3 running in 3D glory. But even in 2D, the game was incredible to watch, and is certainly a must-have for PlayStation 3 owners.

The gameplay shown at E3 looked epic. According to Sony, the environments are 10 times the size of those found in the previous PlayStation 2 exclusive, Killzone 2. The game engine has received a number of enhancements, allowing the console to load textures, meshes, and music content sans interruption.

It also brings to the table better controls, increasingly varied AI, and a high-dynamic range (HDR) audio system that allows the game to dynamically focus the audio depth of field. Vehicle gameplay has also been greatly expanded, with players able to do battle from Intruders, using jet packs, and accessing a number of land-based vehicle options.

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