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Part 2: 20 Crazy And Unique Case Mods

The inspiration behind this creepy PC case mod by Richard "DarthBeavis" Surroz actually came from his wife.

A veterinarian by trade, Surroz's wife suggested that he try something with an anatomy theme when he began to plan for PDXLAN's case modding contest. Running with the idea and backed by this modding community, Surroz ordered a storefront mannequin and began the transformation.

Unfortunately, the mannequin couldn't house the hardware. To remedy the problem, he bought an additional skeleton and covered it in chrome. He then inserted portions of that skeleton into the mannequin's thighs, back, head, arms, and chest.

Keeping in tune with the overall theme, Surroz didn't simply throw hardware inside the mannequin. Instead, he arranged the electronics to pose as organs when possible--most of the components reside in the abdomen.

Surroz also implemented a liquid-cooling system provided by Tribal Evolution, which was placed in the bladder region--the pump actually serves as the mannequin's "heart."

As for the rig's storage, a hard drive serves as the rig's "brain." LEDs are connected to the Crucial Ballistix RAM via fiber-optic connections, which have activity-powered LEDs and mimic the thought process by lighting up during memory activity.

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