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Mineral Oil Submerged PC

Part 2: 20 Crazy And Unique Case Mods
Mineral Oil Submerged PC

Out of all the PC mods shown in this roundup, this PC playing host to components submerged in mineral oil probably doesn't really qualify as "modded." Instead, it uses a different form of fanless cooling.

Built by Puget Systems, the company sought to create an attractive setup by incorporating an aquarium and clear mineral oil. The company said that other mineral oil-based solutions neither looked good nor performed well. Taking notes from those failed attempts, Puget even sought to better the one we created here at Tom's Hardware by using a clear acrylic case.

"The Tom's Hardware system used a clear acrylic case and they had to painstakingly seal each rear connector to keep the oil from leaking," Puget said. "We wanted to put the ports on top to solve that problem the simple way. Other people have built systems in aquariums before, but they were always oversized and square. When we found the Eclipse System 6 Aquarium, we were excited to see an aquarium that was absolutely perfect in size--you couldn't go any smaller."

To see how this system was put together and its evolution, head here.

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