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Little Caesar’s Pizza Box

Part 2: 20 Crazy And Unique Case Mods
Little Caesar’s Pizza Box

Talk about keeping it green--this PC case mod isn't really a mod at all, but is a working PC made of recycled parts and a used Little Caesar's pizza box.

The source of this mod was difficult to locate, while images show that the modder cut a hole on one side for the optical drive's loading tray and a hole in the top for the exhaust fan. But what's missing from the pictures is crumbs, plates, and cups of any sort--apparently this rig wasn't thrown together during an all-night LAN event or a similar event.

As for the components, it's difficult to tell what brands are used, but it looks as if everything is secured to the interior of the box with Scotch tape. The CPU fan itself has a rather cool-blue LED, though it seems somewhat of a waste if the pizza box lid remains closed.

If anything, this mod shows that creative minds can slice together an unusual rig even if that means having to dig through the recycling bin. Unfortunately, there's no indication that this greasy rig could play Crysis or if it came with anchovies.

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