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Pentagram PC

Part 2: 20 Crazy And Unique Case Mods
Pentagram PC

This case mod looks both a little cool and a little creepy at the same time.

Magnus Persson, the creator behind the Pentagram mod, used a Via EPIA EX1500G motherboard, 1 GB of Corsair Dominator PC2-8500 memory, a 250 GB Seagate hard drive, a 120 W power supply, and a Matrix Orbital GX display mounted in the center of the neon star.

Despite its unique look, the rig was designed to be mounted on the living room wall (although it does have legs, too), offering Internet access and digital content to the TV. The whole case is made from layered, 5 mm acrylic sheets. Persson used 26 sheets in total made of A.C. Ryan acrylic 50 cm x 50 cm panels, 13 of which are green, while the rest are black.

"My choice of the pentagram as the inspiration for this case is not based on any religious beliefs at all--I am an absolute hardcore atheist," Persson said.

He details the entire construction process here, showing how he created the star's neon circular mount and installed the hardware.

"I set out to make a unique HTPC case that I was actually going to use, and in the end I got exactly what I wanted. I haven’t seen any case like this before, and that’s nice--with each build it gets harder and harder to come up with something original," Persson said. "But with a wall-mounted, pentagram-shaped HTPC, I think I managed to do something that hasn’t been done before."

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