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The Great Satan

Part 2: 20 Crazy And Unique Case Mods
The Great Satan

Someone evidently had a beef with Dell's computers.

When loading up the site showcasing The Great Satan's overall construction, the modder behind this evil design admitted that the conversion was a literal translation of his view about the distributor. He even sacrificed an old Dell Inspiron M155 case just for the cause.

After throwing a huge spine over the back and slapping a skeletal arm on the side, the modder loaded it all up with foam and lots of demonic red paint. He topped off the entire satanic rig with a rather disturbing, fang-laden skull. The end result? A monstrosity that might make friends and family question the end-user's sanity. Good luck sleeping at night with that in the room.

Under its evil hood, the modder threw in an Asus Dragon motherboard and AMD's Athlon XP 3000+ processor. For a power supply, he used the Cooler Master 600 W eXtreme Power Plus. On the front he mounted a touch-screen display behind a circular frame and a slot-loaded DVD drive placed just underneath. Unfortunately, that's the extent of the available specs.

As if to reiterate his overall views on Dell, on the side, the modder added a "HELL" logo with the slanted "E" for which Dell is known. In the rear is a fog machine with a small switch protruding from the chassis. Wicked.

This YouTube video shows the PC in action.

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