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Whiskey Bottle

Part 2: 20 Crazy And Unique Case Mods
Whiskey Bottle

Here's a case mod dedicated to PC enthusiasts who prefer a little nightcap in the evening.

Apparently, the idea behind the Whiskey PC was not to encourage consuming large doses of alcohol, but rather to make something quiet, small, and with minimal power consumption, while also functioning as a basic home server. With that in mind, modder Janos Marton decided to create the rig using a 1.5 liter Ballantine's bottle and a 3.5" single-board computer just because it hadn't been done before. The end result looks right at home with his other racked and free-standing bottles.

The drawback to this design is that the ports (VGA, serial, USB, etc.) are mounted through the side and not the back--this defeats any attempts to hide the attached cables. As for components, Marton threw in an Intel Pentium III 733EB processor, 256 MB of notebook RAM, a 40 GB notebook hard drive, and a 60 W power supply.

"The RAM module is placed at the back side of the motherboard," Marton said in 2006. "A compact flash card slot is also situated there, so I could use it instead of IDE hard drive."

The hard drive and power supply were inserted into the bottle first, then he managed to cram in the remainder of the components. He mounted an old VGA cooling fan at the base of the neck so it could pipe out the heat generated from within.

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