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Wireless Energy

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Wireless Energy

Wireless Energy

The concept of wireless energy came about during the late 1800s, while an article featured on sparked an interest with mainstream media as it discussed wireless energy transfers in space. Now, 10 years later, we've recently reported on devices in development that actually do recharge and power other devices without the need for cables and wires.

The process works by plugging a copper coil into a wall outlet while another copper coil is plugged into an electronic device. Both coils are tuned to the same frequency. The wall coil generates an electromagnetic field and resonates with the device coil. This resonant coupling is what generates the energy for the device. But don't fret--this process isn't harmful to humans, as apparently our bodies don't respond to magnetic fields in a negative way. Much like WiFi is now available in restaurants, gas stations, book stores, and many other public places, resonant coupling is expected to be just as abundant. Many companies are expected to hit the market with wireless power technology by the second quarter of 2011.

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