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Volumetric 3D Display

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Volumetric 3D Display

Volumetric 3D Display

The idea behind a volumetric 3D display is to present images that appear to have three physical dimensions, regardless of the viewpoint. This is a completely different approach than the current method of converting flat, 2D images, and then using special glasses or multiple screens to trick the naked eye.

Volumetric 3D images would not only appear solid from one point of view--as in standing directly in front of the display--but would look the same when moving around the display a full 360 degrees. While this technology doesn't offer 3D visuals that literally reach out to your face, volumetric 3D displays in the living room would mean a more realistic experience.

In October 2009, Sony revealed such a device, although it was rather small. Viewers watched the object rotate within the display or walked around the device to see the object in its entirety, as if it stood within a virtual cage.

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