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The L8th Wonder Of The World

LCD Juggernaut: Tom's Hardware Looks Into Samsung's Seoul
The L8th Wonder Of The World

These images do no justice to the immensity of the Tangjeong buildings. I’ve stood before the Great Pyramid of Giza and didn’t feel even half as dwarfed as I did staring up at the L7 and L8 structures. The Great Pyramid measures about 756 feet per side at its base. I don’t know what the fab’s dimensions are, but you can get some idea from the size of those tiny people in the left picture.

Some incredible factoids I did learn: The Tangjeong complex employs about 20 000 people. Thirty percent are in R&D, 60% are fab workers. The entire complex occupies about 4.8 million square meters, of which only 1.5 million have been used so far. And the L7 and L8 line pairs each cost almost $6 billion USD. This is staggering when you consider that the price tag for a new 300 mm CPU wafer fab is $2.5 to $3.5 billion.

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