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LCD Juggernaut: Tom's Hardware Looks Into Samsung's Seoul
Back To Basics

Samsung had a couple of displays in the showroom illustrating how LCD screens operate and are built. Many Tom’s Hardware readers will likely know these concepts already, so I won’t divert us with a discussion of them here. Still, if you’ve never dissected a CCFL LCD panel before, it’s interesting to zoom in and examine the many layers that comprise these devices. For a 32" TV, Samsung uses 16 CCFL lamps, but fewer than ten are needed for a 30" monitor. Samsung doesn’t make the backlight units itself but it does reserve special models from its backlight suppliers made specifically for Samsung displays.

I would encourage you to go back and look at the glass sizes image on page nine and that cheesy shot on page one of yours truly illustrating just how big that LCD panel is behind me. That black bar running vertically behind me isn’t separating two screens. It was a sliding arm that held up the smaller LCD display used for playing a promotional video. That’s one huge L8 sheet turned into a single LCD monitor. So when you hear companies like AMD saying that we’re now a step closer to having holodecks in our houses, it’s easy to think of screens like this, not being mounted on our walls, but rather being the walls themselves.

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