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Totally Tiled

LCD Juggernaut: Tom's Hardware Looks Into Samsung's Seoul
Totally Tiled

Speaking of big displays, check out this bad boy. That’s four ultra-thin bezel 46" panels melded into a single “digital information display” (DID), which I believe is a fancier way of saying “signage.” Samsung called DID “the next momentum for the LCD industry.” A normal LCD panel’s bezel is two to three centimeters thick, which leads to the endless grumbling you hear from gamers in Eyefinity forums.

In a signage setting, bezels are just as annoying—perhaps even more so given the exorbitant price tags common in signage products. However, these Super Narrow Bezel 46" panels yield only a 7.3 mm division between screens. That’s not the bezel-free ideal, but it gets us a lot closer. Better yet, these DID configs can be built in much larger arrays. Here you see a 2x2 array, but Samsung noted possibilities spanning up to 4x5.

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