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The Tiger Bites

LCD Juggernaut: Tom's Hardware Looks Into Samsung's Seoul
The Tiger Bites

Now comes the embarrassing part. Rather than get flamed about it in the comments section, let’s just be up front. While Samsung was very generous to invite my group on this trip, I was completely vexed by the company’s policies on guarding information. Those two outside shots you see on page 11? I snapped those from the window in the back of our tour bus because I was warned that having my camera out on company grounds could and probably would lead to it being confiscated. I could shoot anything in the showroom, but not the LCD screen on the wall displaying animated artwork between the two lobby elevators.

At one point, Jenny showed us a clear window looking into another room. With the press of a button, the LCD window turned impenetrably opaque and gray, as if it had been magically painted. I begged to take a quick video of it with my phone but was told no. We were shown several long technology presentations, including one brilliant session on Samsung’s cutting edge AMOLED technology. I recorded the whole thing on my voice recorder, and no one objected. Then I asked for a copy of the PowerPoint slides we’d just been shown so I could turn the session into an article...and was denied. Repeatedly.

I don’t understand this mindset, but my understanding obviously isn’t necessary from Samsung’s perspective. Perhaps this fevered level of secrecy stems from the background psychology of being in a country that could very literally go to war any day. Maybe it’s just good business: inspire buzz while giving away nothing. I don’t know. But the end result was that I wasn’t allowed to bring my camera past the showroom doors. Jenny supplied me with a few images from the manufacturing operations, and I captured a few more from a video she was able to pry loose for me. But that’s it. For the following images, she was merely able to say the following:

“The fabrication process consists of the thin film transistor array fabrication process, color filter array fabrication process, liquid crystal injection process, and module assembly process. If you want detailed information of every [following] photo, I have to apologize that I am not allowed to give information about equipment and process technology. Sorry.”

If the following content feels a bit sparse, now you know why. The PR team did the best that it could, but its hands were bound...tightly.

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