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Tangjeong Today

LCD Juggernaut: Tom's Hardware Looks Into Samsung's Seoul
Tangjeong Today

This is the Crystal Valley now, more or less as I saw it in person. Interestingly, Samsung notes that it now plans to skip the L9 and L10 lines/generations and leap clear to L11, which will measure 3.32 x 3.0 meters and yield six 60 inch or greater panels. Samsung didn’t care to discuss the subject beyond that point.

I’ll let Samsung’s Jenny Ahn describe the current facilities in her own words:

“The Tangjeong complex includes the world's first seventh-generation production lines, lines 7-1 and 7-2. The S-LCD 7-1 line, a joint venture with Sony, is mainly manufacturing 40" and 46" panels for LCD TVs. The 7-2 line, an exclusive production line for Samsung, makes use of the same size glass substrate for TV panels (1870 x 2200 mm). This fall, an eighth-generation S-LCD line will commence operations, adding 50 000 mother glass substrates (each measuring a record 2200 X 2500 mm) to the joint venture’s overall monthly production capacity. The eighth-generation fabrication line will mainly produce LCD panels for 52" diagonal or larger LCD TVs.”

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