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Don’t Breathe

LCD Juggernaut: Tom's Hardware Looks Into Samsung's Seoul
Don’t Breathe

Skipping ahead slightly, I want to show you what these mother glass sheets have looked like over time. As a rule, Samsung says that the longest dimension of one mother glass generation should be the shortest dimension of the next. For example, an L7 pane measures 1870 x 2200 mm, or 74 x 86.6 inches. Moving to L8, that long edge now becomes the short edge, as L8 measures 2200 x 2500 mm, or 86.6 x 98.4 inches.

Samsung allegedly never allows people to touch its mother glass samples, but Jenny was allowed to grant us a rare exception. I pinched the L8 sheet, which is only 0.7 mm thick, between my thumb and forefinger and gave the pane a slight wiggle. The sensation was similar to handling a sheet of paper laminated in plastic. The glass is so unbelievably thin that it just flexes and wiggles, easily warping and bouncing back when you let go. I instinctively withdrew my hand quickly, afraid that just a bit more pressure or movement would shatter the substance. After all, glass is supposed to be rigid. I’d never seen anything like this before.

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