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Runes Of Magic

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Runes Of Magic

Developed by Taiwanese studio Runewaker Entertainment, Runes of Magic was adapted for the English and German markets by Frogster Interactive and launched in North America by Frogster America on March 2009.

Deemed a World of Warcraft clone, Runes of Magic's biggest "selling point" is that it's free-to-play, thriving on micro-transations that take place within the Runes of Magic item shop.

Runes of Magic also offers the ability to pick two classes at once--knight, warrior, rogue, scout, priest, druid, mage, and warden, with a possible 28 combinations. The drawback is that class depends on race. Although the game offers only humans and elves, the latter race can't play as a knight or a priest, and the human can't become a druid or warden.

As the story goes, the god Ayvenas created the world in book form (Taborea). When it grew out of control, Ayvenas ripped the future chapters (oracles) out and scattered them about its "virtual" lands so that the inhabitants could shape its future. After a long string of wars, humans began to use runes to battle against evil, but mankind was soon wiped out, ending the era of the Ancient Kingdoms.

The game takes place in a new civilization and it looks to discover the secrets of the runes.

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