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Minions Of Mirth

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Minions Of Mirth

Fantasy-based Minions of Mirth, developed and published by Prairie Games, launched in 2006 and offers both single-player and MMORPG gameplay.

The game is probably one of the least-known MMORPGs out there, possibly due to its outdated graphics engine. Then again, this could be one of its biggest selling points, as (like RuneScape) the game can play on machines with low-end hardware specs (like netbooks).

Outside the visuals, the game provides a massive persistent world containing 14 "diverse" regions that don't need loading. For the player, this means that the journey is continuous and doesn't require a long pause while the engine loads the next zone.

Although Prairie offers Minion of Mirth as a free-to-play MMORPG, gamers can purchase the premium version for $29.99. This version, applied as a patch, adds a multi-class system, the ability to play as an evil character, use premium equipment, guild creation and joining, and means to play the MMORPG on other servers.

The base free-to-play model provides 12 unique races (elves, dwarves, orcs, ogres, etc.) and 16 classes (warriors, clerics, bards, etc.), hundreds of quests, thousands of monsters, and more.

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