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Lineage II

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Lineage II

The fantasy-based MMORPG Lineage II was launched in Korea in back 2003, and was followed by a North American release from NCSoft in 2004.

Using Epic's Unreal Engine 2.5, the MMORPG actually serves as a prequel to the original Lineage, taking place 150 years prior. The developers chose to create a prequel in order to prevent conflict with the direction that Lineage updates would take.

As with Lineage, this prequel consists of two continents and three kingdoms. The kingdom of Elmore (dwarves, orcs, and Kamaels) and the kingdom of Aden (humans, elves, and dark elves) share one continent, the latter residing in the south. The kingdom of Garcia resides on its own continent and is located to the left of Elmore/Aden.

Although players can only choose between the six races, a total of 36 classes are available consisting of a main class and subclasses. There are also the typical limitations set in place that prevent some races from choosing a certain class.

What makes this MMORPG different from other fantasy-based titles is its overall presentation. Otherwise, expect the traditional $14.99 per month subscription fee. There's also a 14-day free trial with no credit card required for the curious.

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