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Don't Screw This Up

In Pictures: 20 Clever Liquid-Cooled PC Setups
Don't Screw This Up

Created by Godfather1138 and posted on the Overclockers forum, project "Don't Screw This Up" shows how the modder constructed this water-cooled, Nvidia-themed PC.

"The case was given to me, so I decided to play with water cooling and overclocking," he said. "I started by placing some orders that would get my 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 off of OEM support." The water-cooling system employs Swiftech's Apogee GT CPU water block, the Black Ice GTS 240 dual radiator, the Iwaki MD-20RZG-2 pump (which is in the section behind the Nvidia logo), and Danger Den's Fillport reservoir.

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