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What's The Point?

On The...Torture Rack? LaCie's Unbreakable USB Thumb Drive
What's The Point?

The bottom line is that the LaCie XtremKey is impressive. It stood up to just about all our attempts at destruction (we'll be honest--we were working up another ten or so).

But, in the end, you have to ask yourself the question: what's the point? As we've seen, in general, standard USB keys hold up fairly well to abuse. A quality metal model, in practical terms, is just as able to withstand the vicissitudes of the outside world as the LaCie model. Still it's a good product, reasonably fast, and all but indestructible.

It has two shortcomings, though: it's relatively bulky, and above all, it's expensive. The 8 GB version lists at $49.99, the 16 GB (the one we tested) at $79.99, the 32 GB at $139.99, and the 64 GB--an exceptional model, admittedly--at $249.99.

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