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2006 • X1950 XTX: The Late High Flyer

25 Years Of Graphics History: A Farewell To ATI, In Pictures
2006 • X1950 XTX: The Late High Flyer

2006 • X1950 XTX: The Late High Flyer

Out of the way! It's late, but here it comes anyway: the fat Big Block from ATI. Using the X1950 XTX, ATI swept away all GeForce 7-series cards from Nvidia and grabbed the performance crown. It was popular and extremely fast, but also hot and expensive.

Altogether, the Radeon X1950 XTX is the first thing that comes to mind when trying to remember the times ATI has beaten its competitor (Ed.: I don't know about that; I always think back to R300, personally).

The GeForce 8800 was the first card able to stand up to it, but that was an impressive card in itself. And thus began the history of graphics cards with unified shader architectures.

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