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Power Delivery Testing

Intel’s X-Lab: Tomorrow’s Network Happens Here
Power Delivery Testing

Moving on. One can’t help but admire the array of different homegrown systems scattered across Intel’s labs. Chassis side panels seem scorned, and not much attention gets paid to PC cable management since there are simply too many mods and a semi-constant need to change equipment. It’s all function over form.

Take the above setup as an example. It’s a collection of gear designed to test the power delivery network of Intel networking silicon. Engineers look to characterize the chip’s power consumption, power quality, and efficiency. With the inevitable rise of 10GbE products, power consumption and efficient power delivery will only become increasingly important.

“10GBASE-T in particular has provided a new challenge in that, with these early silicon generations at least, we no longer have the power margins of 1GbE,” noted Pete. Some may recall that early 1 Gb Ethernet chips were quite power-hungry, as well.  “Our power delivery testing ensures that our 10GbE products adhere to PCIe specification limits as well as meeting customer expectations.”

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