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Helping Out Buyers

Intel’s X-Lab: Tomorrow’s Network Happens Here
Helping Out Buyers

I’m learning that, in the world of R&D and engineering, there’s a fine line dividing the clean room from the garage. This little space is just big enough for two rack rows, but it’s where Intel does the bulk of its validation and troubleshooting work for OEMs—original equipment manufacturers that purchase Intel’s networking silicon for use in their own systems. You can see holes in the ceiling where prior infrastructure once ran. The cramped room is relatively loud from the thrumming of system fans. In this photo, you can see the end cap, directly facing the room’s one entrance, where staff display their assortment of radio, gaming, and other bumper stickers. A certificate from the University of New Hampshire’s  InterOperability Laboratory, something of a Mecca in the Ethernet validation world, dominates the eclectic collection.

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