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All-In-Wonder Returns

CES 2011 Wrap-Up: Stuff We Almost Missed
All-In-Wonder Returns

While competitor Sapphire was showing off its Mirics-enhanced all-in-one graphics-tuner card, Diamond was busy reinventing the All-In-Wonder brand with a two-for-one deal. The All In Wonder HD Premium 5000 packages Diamond’s HD 5570 graphics card with its TV Wonder 750 PCIe x1 tuner.

Diamond reasons that buyers will want a GPU upgrade long before they replace the TV tuner, and for those buyers, a packaged deal makes sense. That is, so long as those buyers have the extra slot. Both ATSC and DVB-T digital signals are supported, along with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM analog and ClearQAM for cable systems that have not yet eliminated it.

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