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And For Those In The Middle

CES 2011 Wrap-Up: Stuff We Almost Missed
And For Those In The Middle

While most of our CES coverage focused on desktop components and portables, we can’t forget one company that makes its money by slotting itself in the middle with portable desktops. Shuttle was showing off its latest mini-desktop platform with support for LGA 1155 (Sandy Bridge) processors.

Supporting two single- or one double-slot graphics card, this new PC looks like other recent Shuttle designs. In fact, Shuttle wouldn’t even provide its full specs, since this model isn’t scheduled for “debut” until CeBit in March, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the firm updates its appearance before then. Shuttle’s main advantage over piecemeal ITX solutions is its custom-fit CPU cooler, which efficiently moves heat to the case’s exhaust without requiring an additional fan in the middle.

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